What is FIRE Stories?

FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) Stories is where we interview normal people just like you who've achevied financial independence and have retired early.

In each interview we discuss how they got where they are today, what mistakes they made, and advice on how to start adopting the FIRE mindset.

What's the big deal?

More and more people are beginning to question the standard consumer mindset of more debt, more things - work, house, kids, retire at 65, die. Instead they are making decisions that allow them the freedom to choose how they want to spend their time. Most people don't actually 'retire', but simply make decisions that give them more choices. And sometimes that means not working ever again.

Who is FIRE Stories?

My name is Tim Pittman. I created FIRE Stories in January 2019. I live in Ausitn, TX.

Contact Me

Feel free to send me an email or find me on Twitter at @pittman021

How can I be featured on FIRE Stories?

Same as above. Simply email me and we'll get started!